Our Drain clearance Experts in Fulham, Parsons Green and Sands End usually know the causes of blocked drains and drain blockages simply from experience.

Sinks & Baths Blocked drains

With many recent house/flat developments in Fulham, Parsons Green and the SW6 area the drainage system is sometimes not adapted to meet demand with undersize pipes a problem. The drain blockages are typically caused by soap, shampoo and hair that together block and seal wherever there is grip such as at pipe joints.

Toilet Blockages

When unblocking toilets in SW6 the block is often outside the home and underground where external access is demanded. Toys and general household debris falling into the toilet bowl can cause blocks after being washed into the drain as well as hygiene products wrongly flushed causing drain blockages.

When unblocking toilets and sewer pipes, SW6 drain clearing may need to open sewer manholes near the apartment/house so please ensure that no drain access points are blocked. The drain engineer contacted by SW6 drains unblocking Service works within the surrounding areas including Fulham & Parsons Green and may well already have visited the block that you are living in.

SW6 Drains sends engineers with cleaning equipment varying from rods to wire to high power water-jetting. Fulham engineers are experienced drain engineers with experience of pipe blockages and causes.

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